Think About It

  • Would your hospital like to convert some of the worst accounts in your payor mix into some of the best by more than doubling or even tripling the net recovery obtained for the treatment of many Medicare and Medicaid trauma patients and providing even greater increases for Self-Pay accounts?
  • What if the program that does so paid for itself by self-generating all associated fees, could be implemented immediately, with no start-up costs, and at the same time assists with and documents compliance of "Payor of Last Resort" regulations?
  • Would you be interested in a drop in AR days on Medicare and Medicaid accounts where there is no viable private insurance, enabling fully documented "clean claims" that will not be pending or denied to be filed prior to the 120 day waiting period?
  • Has one of your patients ever settled a case but then refused to pay you any amount whatsoever?
  • Have you ever been disadvantaged in making a decision to accept a lesser offer because you did not have knowledge of the amount being offered to the patient?
  • Have you ever outsourced a bill for collection because litigation took months or even years, only to have the bill greatly compromised as an end result?
  • Have you ever realized that the patient received an insurance settlement and then discharged your debt through bankruptcy?        

If your answer in yes to any of the above, HealthOne is your solution.