Based on more than 13 years of experience representing numerous healthcare provides and business offices of large medical centers, we at HealthOne have developed a unique system for helping hospitals and collections. HealthOne clients actually own the patient's claim for damages against a third party who is responsible for the patient's injuries up to the amount of the hospital bill.

Using our copyrighted assignment and procedures, we have dramatically increased funds recovered by client hospitals. The HealthOne assignment elevates a hospital to the position of priority creditor ahead of the patient and his or her attorney. This position is leveraged by HealthOne claim analysts, skilled in capturing both customary and obscure liability funds to pay the hospital bill in full. As a result, clients are paid sooner and recover more money.

A Unique Service

Since HealthOne was founded in 1995, we have offered a unique service  to hospitals, helping them significantly increase profitability resulting from a higher recovery rate in third-party trauma cases.

Many times this party is liability insurance carrier with funds earmarked for the medical bill, dollar-for-dollar. These funds, however, rarely reach the hospital.

Liability settlements are typically placed in the hands of the patients' attorneys, whose primary interests are not to pay the hospital but rather themselves and their clients.